Atti is the name of the debut hard n heavy musical project by guitarist songwriter Attila “Atti” Juhasz.

After spending years working behind the scenes in music and entertainment, Juhasz decided it was time to be on the artist’s side of things and debut his first metal single “I Am Power” under the moniker Atti.

“I Am Power” is an energetic musical assault with thought provoking lyrics and a strong metal-mantra chorus. “I Am Power” was mixed by Roy Z (Halford/Bruce Dickinson)

“I Am Power” Performers / Line-up

Attila "Atti" Juhasz
Guitar / Bass

Nando Fernandes

(Hangar, Lightning Strikes)

Bobby Jarzombek

(Fates Warning, Halford)

No stranger to the world of metal, Juhasz was the publisher and editor of the 1990s rag ‘New York Onslaught.’ He was a top level member of Rob Halford’s Metal God Entertainment (2005-2012) performing multiple management roles, designing packaging for over 20 global releases, and running all Internet ventures. He was referred to as the Web God by the legions of Halford fans. Many artists including Dio, Leatherwolf and Lightning Strikes have contracted Juhasz for marketing, packaging, web sites, graphics and EPKs. In the early ’90s he managed No More Johnny.

“I know Z & Bobby from my years working with Halford and we’ve stayed in touch. I sent some of my demo music to Z, and he called me up saying, ‘I didn’t know about this side of you.’ Z then introduced me to Nando, who has the exact type of voice I was looking for. Suddenly I have a killer line-up for my first single. They are legitimate rock stars so it’s an absolute thrill for me to release a song with these stellar performers on it.”